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Course Description for Advanced Diploma



Four-Year Program OnLine and OnSite

We are planning a 4 year Tibetan Medicine course starting in 2017. This course will link into the four-year curriculum through the International SSI School of Tibetan Medicine with further study and intensives in Australia.

Each semester of the four-year online curriculum focuses on the core theoretical studies, based on the topics of the Four Tantras, as well as Tibetan language studies. Students in the Shang Shung Institute’s School of Tibetan Medicine can expect to receive training presented in English, and that covers all the major topics presented in authentic Tibetan medical study.

The Tibetan Medicine Online Program offers eight consecutive semesters. There are no electives or part/time study options in the program, and students are expected to participate in all aspects covering each semester’s topics. Students who are enrolled in the four-year, online theoretical program are eligible to participate in the onsite intensive practical trainings in Australia.

All topics, number of hours per topic, and sequence of course topics are subject to change due to the needs of each particular class and faculty.

Tibetan Medicine Program Outline

Core Foundation Studies

Tibetan Medical History
Tibetan Medicine Root Tantra
Tibetan Anatomy & Physiology
Ethical Conduct of a Tibetan Doctor
Etiology of Illness and Causes of Diseases
Methods of Treatment
Preventative Medicine
Diagnostics I
External Therapies
Diagnostics II
Tibetan Pharmacology
Three Nyepas (Humors).
Treating Illnesses of the Torso
Heat disorders
Common Diseases
Tibetan Pediatrics
Illnesses of the Upper Body
Provocative Diseases
Poison or Toxic Diseases
Conclusion of the Tantras
Tibetan Gynecology
Tibetan Pathology

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