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Activities of the Institute

The Institute is active in five main areas

  • Art
  • Archives and Multimedia
  • Culture and Events
  • Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • Studies and Research on Tibetan language

Since its foundation the Shang Shung Institute also has offered the possibility to study and apply in our everyday-life the knowledge of Tibetan culture in its social, medical, artistic, philosophical, historical, and aspects.

Various conferences on Tibetan Language and History, a 4-years lasting training in Tibetan Medicine, trainings in methods of application of external therapies of Tibetan Medicine like Ku Nye or Moxa, trainings for translators from Tibetan into English, study seminars on Tibetan Art, “study seminars on Tibetan Yoga and Dance, Tibetan Cultural Days” in various places, as well as several exhibition were organized by the Institute.

In that way it has also contributed to the preservation of this unique extraordinary treasure that for several reasons is in great danger to get lost in our days. 


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